Do you throw away your chicken carcass after s Sunday roast? If you do you are wasting a great opportunity to make a great tasting nutritious chicken stock which can be used in soups, stews, risotto and gravy.

This comforting, soothing and flavoursome liquid has traditionally been used for it’s healing properties as it contains goodness from the vegetables as well as minerals, collagen and gelatin from the bones.


Put your chicken bones (don’t worry about stripping off all the meat, just put in everything left over including the skin!) in a deep pan with a tight lid and fill with cold water.

Add a couple of roughly chopped carrots, a quartered peeled onion, some celery (the leaves can also go in), black pepper, salt and a couple of bay leaves.

Simmer for 4-5 hours occasionally skimming any fat that collects on the top of the stock.

Pass the contents of your stock through a fine sieve and then your stock is ready to use or freeze in tubs for later consumption.

Ravioli en Brodo Recipe

Here is a simple and speedy recipe for a delicious ravioli in chicken stock:

Bring a couple of pints of chicken stock to boil, add a packet of your favourite fresh ravioli or tortellini, following the maker’s instructions on cooking time. When ready serve into bowls adding chopped parsley, freshly grated parmesan and black pepper.

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