Ever wonder how some establishments can offer a huge range of menu items at very tempting prices? Simple, they don’t cook it on the premises.They may conjure the image of freshly delivered ingredients fashioned into adventurous, eclectic fusion dishes, but the reality is far from that.

Many large restaurant and pub chains’ meals are prepared offsite at centralised kitchens or bought in from suppliers, such as Brakes or 3663. These meals are then re-generated, using microwaves, fryers and ovens, before slapping a bit of garnish on. These techniques not only saves time and money, but also reduce the need to employ proper cooking experts.

As you would find in bought in meals for the home from Supermarkets, these dishes will also contain a lot of salt and sugar as well as additives such as colouring and preservatives.

So, if you want to eat properly cooked food avoid the cheap (and sometimes not so cheap!) pub and restaurant chains and head for an independent local establishment, and, if you see a huge amount of choice on the menu, they are probably buying it in.