Tuesday 23 February

After the government announced on Monday 22nd February its plans for re-opening the economy, we have gone through this to see what it means for our customers.

While nothing is set in stone as there are still grey areas, but not as many as before, it looks like we will be able to open fully from May 17 and, hopefully, in an unrestricted way from June 21.

Please bear in mind that these dates are the earliest dates and there are some details still to be clarified.

Basically, we will be able to open fully from May 17, with dining and drinking inside. Social distancing (rule of 6 or two households per table) and the wearing of masks will still apply.

Weddings, funeral receptions and other life events will be able to take place again with numbers up to 30 guests. (see above table)

We sincerely hope that from June 21st we will be able to open fully again with no restrictions, Hurrah!