Choosing your wedding venue

There are many different venues where you can hold your wedding and the feel of your day is influenced by the venue. A barn conversion gives a rustic feel, outdoor space and can have a boho-chic vibe. A Manor House can create elegance, a castle gives a grand princess feel. Your Theme Speak with your

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Rushden Lakes

A great shopping experience with all the big names and plenty of cafés and restaurants. Keep the children amused with a boat ride on the pretty lake. A nature walk around the lake will tick all the boxes for a great day out. Visit website

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Bletchley Park

Explore the iconic codebreaking huts and blocks within this tranquil and leafy Victorian estate. Incorporates the National Museum of Computing and the National Radio Centre. Visit website

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Towcester Museum

Tracing the origins of Towcester town from the Stone Age through the Roman Empire and finishing at the Twentieth Century. A fascinating journey through time including a Kid's Zone! Visit website

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Towcester Mill Brewery and Tap Room

Award-winning brewery, taproom, garden, and shop all in one place makes for a great afternoon out. Regular brewery tours are organised and delicious craft beers available from this talented brewery. The Walnut Tree Inn often stocks their brews as guest beers. Visit website

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Catanger Llamas

Enchanting guided treks across beautiful Northamptonshire countryside accompanied by gentle llamas. While you can't ride these animals they will willingly carry your rucksacks while you enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is also a visitor centre where you can see various items made with llama fibre, many of which can also be purchased. Visit website

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Virtual Aerospace at Sywell Aerodrome

Whether a complete novice looking to find out more about this amazing industry, or a future airline pilot looking to see what your future day job will be like or an experienced airline pilot looking at having access to the UK’s best valued simulators then we have something to offer you. The instructors are either

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Northampton Film House

A cosy 88 seater cinema with premium seating and plenty of wheelchair spaces. Enjoy a glass of wine and good food whilst watching the latest films as well as all-time classics. Visit website

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On Target Indoor Rifle Range, Northampton

Pistol and rifle shooting in a safe environment incorporating a fully stocked Air Weapons store, a 25yd indoor Air Weapons range and a Cafe. A unique leisure destination for all air rifle shooting enthusiasts, whether you are a seasoned shooter or just want to try out the sport for the first time. No license required.

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Trapp’d, Northampton

Two escape rooms to choose from - The Monosphere and Molten Creek Mine - you will be trapped in unfamiliar surroundings and your only hope of escape is to work with the people with you and together you will have to solve clues, multi-task, and think outside the box. The rooms are designed to encourage

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